When on Google Earth?

Just came across a fun little game the geologists are playing (and here), called ‘Where on Google Earth?’ One person snaps a pic from Google Earth, and posts it, as follows:Where on Google Earth?

and calls it WoGE 155 (and tags the post similarly). The players have to identify the location and geology of the place in the photograph in a comment on the originating post, ie,

WoGE #154 focused on the GSSP type locality for the K/T boundary, located within the Haria formation of the northern Tunisian Atlas. I found it, so here we go again. Be the first to locate AND give relevant geological description of this spot [ie, the photograph above], and you’ll have the privilege to post the next WoGE. This is a free run, hope not to easy for the pros.”

The winning player then gets the right to post the next image.

I think this is fun. So in a similar vein, I propose When on Google Earth #1:

When on Google Earth? #1
When on Google Earth? #1

What are we looking at, and when was the major period of occupation? Leave responses in the comments; first right answer gets to host ‘When on Google Earth #2’! (no new car, alas…)