Archeology versus Archaeology versus #Blogarch

I’m working on a paper that maps the archaeological blogosphere. I thought this morning it might be good to take a quick detour into the Twitterverse. Behold! ‘archaeology’ on twitter Here we have every twitter username, connected by referring to each other in a tweet. There’s a seriously strong spine of tweeting, but it doesn’t make for a unified graph. The folks keeping this clump all together, measured by betweeness centrality: pompeiiapp arqueologiabcn herculaneumapp romanheritage openaccessarch cmount1 groovyhistorian lornarichardson top replied-to hotrodngold raymondsnoddy colesprouse 1014retold janell_elise yorksarch holleyalex bonesbehaviours uclu illustreets Top URLS: Photographer … Continue reading Archeology versus Archaeology versus #Blogarch

Visualizing THATCamp

THATCamps are quite popular. I’m throwing one myself. But who are the people talking about them on Twitter? What does the THATCamp look like on the Twitterverse? I used NodeXL to retrieve the data – a search for tweets, people, and the links between them. I then visualized the data in Gephi, where colour = community (per Gephi’s modularity routine) and sized the nodes (individual Twitterers) using Pagerank, on the premise that this was a directed graph and one should follow the links (although there was little difference with Betweeness Centrality. Major players are still major, either way). I found … Continue reading Visualizing THATCamp