Reanimating Networks with Agent Modeling

I’m presenting next week at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting. I’m giving two papers. One argues for parsimonious models when we do agent based modeling.  The other reverses the flow of archaeological network analysis and instead of finding nets in the archaeology, I use agent based models to generate networks that help me understand the archaeology. (The session is ‘Connected Past’.) Here is the draft of my talk, with all the usual caveats that that entails. Parts of it have been drawn from an unpublished piece that discusses this methodology and the results in much greater detail. It … Continue reading Reanimating Networks with Agent Modeling

Hodder’s ‘Tanglegram’ as Network

I am reading Ian Hodder’s book, ‘Entangled: An Archaeology of the Relationship between Humans and Things’ Hodder writes that the tanglegram cannot be represented as a network, since a network doesn’t consider the nature of the relationships or nodes. This is not in fact the case. Representing these complex relationships as a network is quite possible, and allows the ‘tanglegram’ to actually become a object to query in its own right, rather than a suggestive illustration. I’ve uploaded the network data to Figshare: I used NodeXL to enter the data. If there was a bidirectional tie, I made two … Continue reading Hodder’s ‘Tanglegram’ as Network

Teaching Network Analysis

I had a conversation with Scott Weingart the other day, prompted by this plaintive cry: Brain is broken this AM. Need suggestions for inclass exercises to teach SNA. Can't depend on there being computers: must be analog. Help? — Shawn Graham (@electricarchaeo) October 15, 2012 Backstory: I’m teaching a class where we are looking at maps and networks and archaeological data, as ways of understanding how cities and countryside blur into one another in the ancient world. Last week, we played iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma’s with playing cards (thanks to this site by Alannah Morrison) as part of a discussion about … Continue reading Teaching Network Analysis