I don’t know how to do this

I don’t know how to do this. I worry that whatever I did say, would only make it worse. How do you help? Your students never stop being your students. You work with them days on end, through periods of intense frustration on either side, through times of amazing energy and excitement, to joy (graduation!) I’ve been teaching one way or another since about 2003. Some of my students have gotten married, had kids, got great jobs. Some spin their wheels, idly, not knowing how to move forward. Some have taken their own lives, or died in accidents.Some soldier on … Continue reading I don’t know how to do this

Distant Reading

The study of invisible writings was a new discipline… [the mathematics are] complex, but boil down to the fact that all books, everywhere, affect all other books. This is obvious: books inspire other books written in the future, and cite books written in the past. But the General Theory of L-Space suggests that, in that case, the contents of books as yet unwritten can be deduced from books now in existence. – Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies I’d say Pratchett has nailed it again, yes? Continue reading Distant Reading

Field Notes from a Virtual Unconference

  I’ll write something with a bit more substance and reflection in due course, but we’ve just ended the first ever archaeogaming virtual unconference. Total bill: catering: $0 space rental: $0 airfare: $0 hotel: $0 registration fee: $0. Time spent: me, in planning things out, setting up tech, writing about it: approximately 4-6 hours Platforms: MIT ‘Unhangout’ https://unhangout.media.mit.edu/ to host the event All our ideas http://allourideas.org/ to plan the sessions Google spreadsheet to create the schedule Twitter to get the #archaeogaming word out Things that worked really well: Having a schedule built before hand, to give people not only structure … Continue reading Field Notes from a Virtual Unconference

working with vuforia unity plugin for augmented reality

Notes to self: – working on Mac. -install vuforia plugin for unity -followed this: http://developer.vuforia.com/library/articles/Solution/Compiling-a-Simple-Unity-Project -this post is handy too. http://www.marcofolio.net/other/introduction_into_augmented_reality_with_vuforia.html -however: you have to register a key for your app that you build https://developer.vuforia.com/targetmanager/licenseManager/licenseListing -you also have to create an image tracking database. (under the ‘develop’ page of the Vuforia website). You upload your images, it creates a database xml in return. You download it, and while unity is open, double click on the download – it adds itself automatically. -you have to have the ios or android sdk installed on your machine. I’m working with android. I had to find … Continue reading working with vuforia unity plugin for augmented reality

How to split a csv file

If you’re on a PC, the instructions we posted here: http://www.themacroscope.org/?page_id=418 work. It’s a macro, in visual basic, for excel. But after a long back and forth yesterday with @thomasgpadilla we worked out that it would break in various Mac versions of Excel. Why? I do not know. But there’s a pretty simple command line sequence on a Mac that’ll do the trick. We split it into big chunks, then split the big chunks into smaller chunks. So, grab a moderately large CSV (like John Adams’ diary, 1025 entries, 1 per row) and fire up your terminal thusly: $ split -l 200 johnadams-diary.csv 200out … Continue reading How to split a csv file

Crafting Digital History version 0.5: Some Final Projects

So the experiment of teaching data mining & visualization to history students – which will be rebranded ‘crafting digital history’ in its next iteration in order to attract a broader spectrum of students and to more accurately reflect what we’re doing – is done. There’ve been some great moments, like when Matt forked one of my tutorials and rewrote it for the better, or built a virtual machine. Or when Patrick finally slayed Github! Or when Allison got the Canadiana API to work. Or when Phoebe finally persuaded Inkscape to play nice. Or when Matt conquered TWARC. Or when TEI … Continue reading Crafting Digital History version 0.5: Some Final Projects