Still haven’t found what I’m looking for – but this might be closest

Ok. Maybe this is a good idea. Problem: You want your students to keep track of their research in an open notebook. You don’t want to faff with jekyll and anything too complicated. You don’t know what kinds of machines your students will have, so it’s got to be cross-platform. Perhaps a solution: Student creates a new folder on their machine called ‘open notebook’. Student downloads MDWiki (download link) Student unzips the mdwiki.html file into their ‘open notebook’ folder. Student renames mdwiki.html to index.html Student creates an ‘’ file with whatever info they want displayed on the main page – … Continue reading Still haven’t found what I’m looking for – but this might be closest

I love the people

I came across this corpus of Trump speeches today. So naturally, I fed it into Karpathy’s RNN. Can a computer write an article? Probably no, not yet. But it certainly can do a Trump speech. Behold: MACPA406-SG:rnn shawngraham$ th sample.lua cv/lm_lstm_epoch18.09_0.9175.t7 -temperature 0.5 -primetext “I’m Donald Trump” I’m Donald Trump. I don’t want to do it. I want to thank you. I have a very sad the guy with the last time his one of the great respect for the Second Amendment. And they were supposed to be because they were saying that we have to do it. And by the … Continue reading I love the people


Audiogrep is fun. Grab some audio, automatically transcribe it, then chop it apart and stitch it all back together again in amusing ways. I fed it my talk from the Interactivef Pasts Conference (video archive). My video: [singing over video of Caesar’s assassination] The more we get together, together, together; the more we get together, the happier we’ll be. For your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends- the more we get together the happier we’ll be [fade out] [Shawn] Let us kill some Romans… The automatic transcription: ma’am and no are you looking at a piano and … Continue reading AudioGrep