PD(Q) – first edition

I went over to the PD(Q) edublogs page this morning to see how submissions were coming along for the first edition. The range is quite interesting! Offerings include-

  • my own discussion of putting together the Electric Archaeology Blook ‘Best of the Blog’
  • a review by Alun of Rundkvist, M. 2007. Scholarly Journals between the Past and the Future: The Fornvännen Centenary Round-Table Seminar, Stockholmm 21 April 2006. Konferenser 65. Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien.
  • three related postings by Kylie Sturgess on writing ‘skeptical’ books for children
  • and a piece by Tim Jones on the ‘Looting of the Iraqi Museum – video review

Check them out, and contribute to the PD(Q) process by leaving your comments!