Scraping Instagram with R, with PHP

I’ve had reason lately to be collecting information regarding the sale of human remains online, in various places. One such is Instagram. Working with Instagram is not straightforward. One approach that I had been using was a package for R called ‘InstaR‘ by Pablo Barbera. It worked great, after some initial confusion on my part on how to get the damned thing to authenticate (which involves setting up an Instagram developer’s account, etc etc.). Then, in the middle of last year, Instagram changed its developer API rules *such that* the only data I could access with the api *was my … Continue reading Scraping Instagram with R, with PHP

Archaeogaming Unconference 2

POSTPONED! Due to a bug in our unconference platform (which prevents some people from accessing the breakout rooms) we’ll be postponing the unconference until February. Our apologies! We’ll do this on January 25th, 2017, between 9 am and 3 pm Eastern time. Watch this space for the proposed session topics. We will begin with some opening remarks. First session will then run from 9.10 – 9.50; second session 10.00 – 10.50; third session 11.00 – 11.50. In the afternoon we’ll reconvene at 1pm-1.50; final session will run – 2.50. The hashtag on twitter will be #archaeogaming2. As always with … Continue reading Archaeogaming Unconference 2

A Tiny Excavation

Sometimes, the story emerges in the gaps… ‘TinyArchaeology‘ is a twitter bot that tweets out episodic glimpses inside a particularly dysfunctional excavation (using both emojis and text). It was built with CheapBotsDoneQuick which uses the generative grammar ‘Tracery‘. Give it a shot. You can use the TinyArchaeology source code to get started. Continue reading A Tiny Excavation