Roma Victor

There is a saying about eyes being bigger than dinner plates. Roma Victor perhaps suffers from this. Ostensibly, this is supposed to be a multi player online world that simulates the world of Rome ca AD180. Iron age Europe. An historical MMORPG. Imagine the possibilities!

…sigh. Once you figure out how to download the game (and pay the fee), it takes forever to get setup. It is not an all intuitive what you’re supposed to do – page after page in the community forums on the site are variants of the message, ‘how do I start this game?’ – and then, once you’ve accomplished that, it’s nigh on impossible to get logged into the world. I first downloaded the game back in October, and I still have yet to get inside. I’m trying right this instant, and there were over 3500 updates to download…. perhaps these updates resolve the numerous glitches.

Meanwhile, back in Caesar IV, Tilted Mill have released some bug fixes which means I can now play THAT game. Aside from some anachronisms, this is actually a rather good simulation of Roman urban dynamics. I can imagine using certain missions from this game in my classes – pairing up game play with a study of Pliny’s letters to Trajan about the governance of his province….

“Roma-Victor Patcher v2.2.1, 918 updates pending…”

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