Ancient Civilizations Games- Competition Results from YoYo Games

The theme for Yo You Games’ latest game making competition (using Game Maker 7.0) was ‘Ancient Civ’.  Well, clearly, ‘ancient’  and ‘civ’ were interpreted with some latitude.  It would be interesting to see a game where the game mechanics were dictated by the theme/content/historical trope for once… Some of these just feel like regular games […]

Civilization & Education

In the course of doing some writing on why making games and modifications for existing games is a much better educational endeavour than simply playing historically-themed games (it seemed much more clever when expressed in 7000 words than 20), I came across the following post on Rob MacDougall’s blog which covers some of what I’m […]

Civilization Revolution

It seems that the Civilization franchise is coming to the console market. This can only be a good thing, since I believe that Civilization is one of the greatest gifts the games industry ever gave us historian-folk. Civilization: Revolution is not a straightforward port though of the PC version to the console. There are numerous […]

What does Civilization Stand For? Modding Contest from Firaxis!

One last post before the holidays (thanks Jan for bringing this to my attention!), and one which might be of interest to any academic/educational modders out there; nb it’s only for US residents, so my ‘Year of the Four Emperors‘ won’t be in the mix: What Does Your Civilization Stand For? Official Rules Entry Form […]

The Ancient Mediterranean Mod – Civilization IV

You know a mod is popular when it gets its own website. The Ancient Mediterranean Mod has been under constant development and in constant play since the days of Civilization III – check out the official page for more information about peoples, technologies, and other modifications.

Using Civilization IV in a University Class

It has been my intention for some time to use Civ IV as part of the formative assessment in one of my classes. I posted a question on one of the main Civ IV fora asking members of that community what they might be interested in, on that front – to date, I’ve had nearly […]

Teaching with Civilization IV in Distance Education

My case study regarding the use of Civilization IV in my distance education class at the University of Manitoba has been published by the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for History, Classics, and Archaeology. By the way, in a recent article in ‘The Weekly Standard‘, Victorino Matus calls “[…]Civilization, the thinking man’s Grand Theft Auto, […]

The Trouble with Civilization

A lot of the things you’ll read about Civilization concern its conception of history, progress, its meta-narrative and so on. I just came across a nice piece by Dianne Carr at the University of London that is rather refreshing in its approach, and reminds us that what players get out of a game is not […]

Scenarios for Civilization IV

I’ve made some scenarios for play on Civilization IV. I’ve also provided lesson plans for using these scenarios in university and college teaching. The Year of the Four EmperorsRomulus King of Rome