What does GPT3 know of archaeology?

Aside from the initial prompt, the text is all GPT3; the artwork is via Nightcafe Creator’s stable diffusion. Each prompt for artwork is generated from a generated summary of the previously generated text. The recursion, it burns!

….alright. That’s enough of that. The GPT3 devolved into a series of ruminations on postholes – how many there were, ooops, here’s another- when my last prompt ended with ‘he turned back towards his task’. So I added one line to suggest, hey, the texture of the soil changed, it sounds different now, perhaps we’ve encountered a different feature or context or what-have-you… but GPT3 wasn’t having any of that. ‘What this story needs…. is a charismatic dog’. And nightcafe creator is thoroughly bonkers, so that’s nice.