Five Years Of Epoiesen; Future Funding the Next Five!

Holy moly, it’s been 5 years of Epoiesen. I’d like to think we’ve had a bit of impact, a small moving of the needle concerning expanding the range of what is possible to do! Neville Morley, of the University of Exeter remarked a short while ago, on Twitter, about Epoiesen:

“Five years of being the most downright interesting and thought-provoking publication in archaeology/ancient history.’

The mission of Epoiesen has been referenced in journals like the Canadian Journal of Archaeology, the European Journal of Archaeology, and Advances in Archaeological Practice, and elsewhere; and individual pieces are being cited, used in teaching, and enjoyed by readers from all walks of life. Our authors range from tenured professors, to graduate and undergraduate students, to members of the public – probably the widest variety you’ll see! Of course, as a matter of principle we don’t use tracking cookies on Epoiesen, so I can’t give you ‘hits’ or shares or that sort of thing, but on Google Scholar you can see some of the pieces are gaining traction – .

Moving forward, I have set up a campaign on Carleton University’s micro-fundraising site, ‘FutureFunder’, to build up a bit of a reserve so that I can provide some paid training opportunities for students to help with Epoiesen; everything from copy-editing to site architecture to promotion. I would be grateful if readers of Electric Archaeology or Epoiesen could circulate this call around their own networks, link below. Starting at midnight on Nov 30 (ie, 12.01 am Nov 30), funds raised will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the University on ‘Giving Tuesday’, which is a great initiative.

link here because I can’t stop the new wordpress editor from turning it into an embed.

Epoiesen is free to read, and free to publish in; we do not charge nor will we ever charge, article processing fees. Pieces are published under licenses chosen by the authors. The formats are only limited by my own technical skills – but if I can start hiring people, even that limitation will fall away! Paper ‘Annual’ versions are available courtesy our friends at The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Volumes 1 – 4 are available (free pdf, $9 physical; any funds from sales go back into making other works from the Press open access); Volume 5 will be in production shortly.