Epoiesen: Call for Respondents

I’m hoping to get Epoiesen unveiled in time for the autumn. You remember Epoiesen . Part of the idea is that we don’t do traditional peer review, but rather ask reviewers to be ‘Respondents’, who react to the piece in a short creative work on their own. We seek out at least two ‘Respondents’ (ideally) for every submission. The ‘Responding to…’ will itself be published with its own citation, DOI, etc. A response explores how the piece moves the responder, or puzzles her, or sparks new thoughts – a ‘Response’ is meant to become the starting point for a larger discussion that would take place via the site’s annotation framework (readers can annotate any piece of text on the site using Hypothes.is), across the blogosphere, and beyond.

I am currently looking for ‘Respodents’ for a photo essay that explores maps and place; an interactive fiction exploring academic publishing; and a twitter essay on creativity. If you are interested, please email me at shawn dot graham at carleton dot ca or send me a DM on twitter (@electricarchaeo).

There will be more pieces coming in over the summer; if you are interested in being in the pool of Respondents, please email me with an indication of the areas you think you might like to explore with us.