Indiana Jones and the Recurrent Neural Network

Lord knows I have other things to do right now, but, in between trying in vain to turn a bot into an out-of-office-responder for Twitter (bad idea) and trying to get another one to generate Markov chains from Indy’s lines in Raiders of the Lost Ark (and avoiding the necessary paperwork to support a course of mine shortly to begin), I thought what the hell, let’s write a new Indiana Jones movie.

I mean, hell, it couldn’t be worse than Crystal Skull, right?

And when I say ‘write’, I mean, ‘get the computer to write it’.  I have docker-torch installed on this machine. If I had any kind of GPU, I’d get better results, no doubt. If I had more patience and let it run for a day or two, I’d have better results. If I fixed the weird spacing issues in the training data, I’d have better results. If I removed the character names and replaced them with their trope (the hero, the sidekick) I’d get better results (I started to, but got impatient). And yet, there still feels like a movie in here…

I couldn’t remember how to use torch-rnn of course, but fortunately, I’d left a (fairly coherent) note to myself from a previous experiment (my NaNoGenMo entry). I needed at least 1mb of training data, so I grabbed the scripts from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Goonies, and the Mummy (that had Brendan Fraiser in it and which was good. There, I said it).

And so, model trained, I sampled…

th sample.lua -checkpoint cv/checkpoint_17050.t7 -gpu -1 -start_text "Peru 1985. The sky is black; dawn is a short while off. THE-HERO creeps through the jungle, alert, wary." -temperature 0.33 -length 20000 > data/adventure.txt

Peru 1985. The sky is black; dawn is a short while off. Indy creeps through the jungle, alert, wary.


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something side and who an and the terrified.


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Fun, eh? The weird spacing that scripts insist on really screw this up. Maybe I’ll give this a shot some other day, after tidying all that kind of thing up.

Featured image Allef Vinicius