Horses to Water

The prof looked around the room brightly (or at least, as brightly as one can on a monday morning in March). “So let’s talk about your final projects. Where are we at? What’s working, where can we trouble shoot?”

Murmurs from the class. Some volunteered. “Going well, just have to meet later today to talk about it…” or “having trouble making variables work: has anyone run into…”. All good stuff.

The last group. “Yep, we’ve got everything written out in a Word doc, which is in Dropbox.”

“You’re working on a code project.”


“…which involves collaborating on code…”


“…for which we’ve invested considerable time and energy in learning how to use a digital tool explicitly meant to facilitate asynchronous collaboration on code….”


“….and you’re writing it using Word?”


Horses led to water do not necessarily always drink.