The IUDHies – an international undergraduate digital humanities prize

203px-polytechnic_harriers_1st_prize_cupI think there ought to be an international undergraduate digital humanities prize.

Undergraduate students do amazing work. Look at these students in Miriam Posner’s #dh101 class:

See also, for instance, Caleb McDaniel’s students too

If you work through that list, you’ll agree that undergrads can do fantastic research in DH.  So maybe one of our academic organizations can put something together. But in the meantime, maybe we should collect example projects from the last few years, and maybe we can agree to award some informal IUDHies?

I’m thinking categories for

  • technical scope
  • theoretical scope
  • surprise & delight
  • productive failure
  • paradata
  • social impact

Maybe I’ll ask my students or my students to suggest their own favorites, in the new year. Nominate your favourites in the comments? Interested in making this a thing? Lemme know.