Book Launch: ‘Exploring Big Historical Data: The Historian’s Macroscope’ Nov 17

We’re launching our book on November 17th, at 11.30 in the History department lounge, 4th floor of Paterson Hall. Drop by if you’re around!

I’m also going to undertake to stream the conversation on youtube. I’ve never set a livestream up (there seems to be an assumption round here that if you’re the digital guy, you’re also totally au-courrant with audio/vidsual tech and the ins and outs of broadcasting. This is not the case) so I’m not guaranteeing this will work. But if it does, it’ll be at:

Finally, what does a book launch entail? I have no real idea. And so, what we’ve done is this – Shawn Anctil, who is one of our PhD students and doing very cool work in digital history himself (he sometimes blogs here) will moderate a round table discussion with myself, Ian Milligan, and Scott Weingart (Scott will be skyping in). We’ll field questions from those assembled and of course via twitter (use #hmbook as a tag).

The round table conversation will last about an hour, and then Ian and I will give a bit of a digital history workshop. Our plan will be to focus on network analysis, so if this interests you, bring a laptop and have Gephi installed. Note that Gephi sometimes has Java issues – this will help. The workshop won’t be streamed, I think. Maybe it will. Really depends on whether I a) can get streaming to work and b) forget to turn it off again.

See you on Tuesday!