Heritage Jam 2015

…mmmm… heritage jam ….

So it’s Heritage Jam time again. This year’s theme is ‘museums & collections’. I was just going to repurpose my ‘diary in the attic‘ but I turned that into a tutorial for #msudai, and, well, with one thing and another, I’m not sure I’ll actually get anything made. That’s not to say I don’t have an idea about what I’d do in its stead.

I’ve got lots of ideas.

I am, in slow moments, idly trying to make this one happen, but I’m having trouble on one step (#5, as it happens). If anybody wants to take this idea and run with it, throw me a footnote and off you go.

1. select an object from a museum collection; ideally something in the 4 cubic inches size range ish.
2. 3d model it, grab the .stl file and
3. print it out.
4. scan it back into Vuforia’s object scanner to turn it into a 3d trackable.
5. augment it with a video player panel and / or an audio voice bubble that pulls the video, audio
6. from an external URL, a public place online.
7. release the APK for the AR viewer
8. release the .stl file for printing, and the audio and video files for remixing
9. set things up so that the most recent remixes are automatically pulled into the viewer (so, you’d remix but _save with the same file name_ and overwrite the most recent).

In my head, I imagine people competing with each other to have the object ‘speak’ or tell its story (or someone else’s story), and each time you’d train the viewer on it (so there’d be multiple speaking copies of the thing in the world), there would be different content. With version control enabled for where I’d store it (step 6), you’d have a history of speaking, though each ‘hearing’/’viewing’ would be unique. Kind of Tales of Thingsish, but with an element of the mob. Choose the right object to begin with, and you’d have something rather different.