Field Notes from a Virtual Unconference

The view from my computer getting #archaeogaming up and running. Hi Angus!


I’ll write something with a bit more substance and reflection in due course, but we’ve just ended the first ever archaeogaming virtual unconference.

Total bill:

  • catering: $0
  • space rental: $0
  • airfare: $0
  • hotel: $0
  • registration fee: $0.

Time spent:

  • me, in planning things out, setting up tech, writing about it: approximately 4-6 hours


Things that worked really well:

  • Having a schedule built before hand, to give people not only structure but sense of what the day is about
  • Great facilitators in Andrew and Tara to keep conversations flowing, to close or open sessions on the fly as needed

Things that could’ve been better:

  • Timing of the schedule. I closed one session out rather early
  • Time slots don’t have to be all the same length; early in the day might’ve been better to have shorter sessions, etc. Something to think about.

Things that were *really* awesome:

  • The nearly 30* people who participated at various times during the day! I can’t thank you all enough for coming out and contributing, however you did that.

Thank you!


*about 25 at our busiest. I’m an optimistic rounder. Most folks were grad or undergrad students I think!


One thought on “Field Notes from a Virtual Unconference

  1. It was a fantastic experience! It’s always a pleasure to chat with likeminded peers…..especially without the financial cost of attending a conference. I’m in favor of more events like this. Anyway, thanks for organizing!

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