Crafting Digital History version 0.5: Some Final Projects

So the experiment of teaching data mining & visualization to history students – which will be rebranded ‘crafting digital history’ in its next iteration in order to attract a broader spectrum of students and to more accurately reflect what we’re doing – is done.

There’ve been some great moments, like when Matt forked one of my tutorials and rewrote it for the better, or built a virtual machine. Or when Patrick finally slayed Github! Or when Allison got the Canadiana API to work. Or when Phoebe finally persuaded Inkscape to play nice. Or when Matt conquered TWARC. Or when TEI blew Ryan’s mind. Or when Christina forked an Anthropology class project at MSU to repurpose for her project. Or… or… or. We covered a lot of ground.

So, I have permission to share some of these projects. In no particular order, here are some final projects from HIST3907b.

Matt T – The Historical Consciousness of Reddit

Matt D – What do Civil Servants Edit on Wikipedia?

Ryan – Searching for Residential Schools: How Google Trends can illuminate who is talking about residential schools, where they are, how they’re searching, and why.

Patrick – Urban and Rural Voting Patterns in Three American Elections

Christina – The St. Johns Micro History Mapping Project

Luke – Late 20th Century Immigration in Bubbles

Jonlou – Video games & historians

There are a few more to come in; I’ll add them here.