Graeworks – my tenure and promotion online portfolio

My online tenure & promotion portfolio may be viewed at It is a work in progress, so I would welcome comments and suggestions. I will be applying for t&p this coming autumn.

The department is currently in the midst of setting its own discipline specific language for what counts for tenure, and what counts for promotion. There’s been a lot of hard work on it, and I’m glad to see that there is specific recognition for digital work on its own merits (and not by drawing false equivalencies with print media). I have the option of going up under the earlier non-specific language, but I think I’ll swing for the bleachers here.

10 thoughts on “Graeworks – my tenure and promotion online portfolio

  1. This is awesome, Shawn! I love your website and am considering a digital portfolio myself when it comes time for my tenure review (not for a few years yet, though). I’m looking forward to hearing how your tenure case goes. And if you can share your tenure guidelines when they’re finally set, I’d be interested in reading them. We don’t currently have any on-line or digital equivalencies, so I’m currently counting blogging and other digital projects as pure “service.”

    1. Hi Kristina,
      Thanks! If I can share, I definitely will. I’m trying to count blogging etc as impact and part of my research, by framing my entire research agenda as an investigation into the ways digital media foster historical consciousness. We shall see what happens…
      Your blog is awesome, so here’s hoping…!

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