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Topic model, via Textexture, of my 'evaluating digital humanities' post

Topic model, via Textexture, of my ‘evaluating digital humanities’ post

I fed two recent posts, ‘Evaluating Digital Humanities‘, and ‘Deformative Digital Archaeology’, into Textexture.com. Textexture topic models your input texts, and then visualizes them via Gephi so that you can explore the interlinkages of topics/discourses whilst revisualizing them at the same time. You can play and explore the results for yourself at:

http://textexture.com/index.php?text_id=6941 Evaluating Digital Humanities

http://textexture.com/index.php?text_id=6943 Deformative Digital Archaeology.

You’ll want to hit ‘start layout’ to make these look a bit more presentable. Note that you can also download the gexf file itself, to open in Gephi, to try other layouts/metrics.

I find it reassuring, somehow, that natural divisions in my texts (for instance, in the second image, the code explications are clearly distinct, in red, from the broader discussion on the nature of digital archaeology, in blue). Unfortunately, Textexture only deals with relatively smallish chunks of text for now.

Topic model, via Textexture, of my 'deformative digital archaeology' post

Topic model, via Textexture, of my ‘deformative digital archaeology’ post


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  1. Hi, I’m Dmitry from Textexture. Its great you enjoy using Textexture. Please, send us your bigger texts to info at noduslabs dot com and we’ll send you the gexf file to visualize in Gephi.

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