123D Catch iPhone app

I’ve just been playing with the 123D catch iphone app. Aside from some annoying login business, it’s actually quite a nice little app for creating 3d volumetric models. I have a little toy car in my office. I opened the app, took 15 pictures of the car sitting on my desk, and sent it off for processing. The resulting model is viewable here. Not too bad for 5 minutes of futzing about with the iphone.

Since I’m interested in 3d models as fodder for augmented reality, this is a great workflow. No fooling around trying to reduce model & mesh size to fit into the AR pipeline. By making the model with the iphone’s camera in the first place, the resulting model files are sufficiently small enough (more or less; more complicated objects will probably need a bit of massaging) to swap into my Junaio xml and pumped out to my channel with little difficulty.