HIST2809 Syllabus as Comic Book

In the hopes that a more visually appealing syllabus will mean that my students read the thing, I’m turning the first few pages of the HIST2809 syllabus into a comic book. The nuts-and-bolts will be the regular format.(The doctored historical plaques are from Rob MacDougall’s ‘Tecumseh Lies Here‘ augmented reality game).

Oh, and the final project/exam is a version of the Forgery Game.

4 thoughts on “HIST2809 Syllabus as Comic Book

    1. I’d love to say it’s my own idea, but I pinched it from Profhacker! Steal away!

  1. This is great! A wonderful example of digital history, haha. I stumbled across this blog because of the course I’m taking on digital history…I’m going to have to suggest this to my professor…

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