Play with the data from Looted Heritage

Visualizing the patterns of topic composition in 208 reports from Looted Heritage, first quarter of 2012.

Rob Blades (my student) and I are in the process of submitting an article concerning our Looted Heritage project. The gist of the article is a discussion of our workflow and the kinds of patterns that may be observed when data is available freely & openly. Ideally, this would include academic papers in journals. For the time being though, we focus on social media. We also try in the paper to include our reader in the exploration of the data. Rather than presenting static images, tables, graphs, and statistics, we put the onus on the reader to check our data for his or herself. Perhaps the reader will spot important patterns, which can then be discussed in another paper. Rather than the paper being the final end-point for our data, we want it to become a jumping off point instead.

In which case, to get the conversation started, you may find links to our dataset and our analytical tools below:

Looted Heritage: Monitoring the Illicit Antiquities Trade
Full Corpus of Reports loaded into Voyant Tools
A guide to the Voyant interface
Full output from MALLET Topic Modeling algorithm in csv and html format
Full Corpus of Reports loaded into Voyant Tools Frequency Tool
Visualizing the patterns of social connections in the corpus of reports