Play with the data from Looted Heritage

Rob Blades (my student) and I are in the process of submitting an article concerning our Looted Heritage project. The gist of the article is a discussion of our workflow and the kinds of patterns that may be observed when data is available freely & openly. Ideally, this would include academic papers in journals. For the time being though, we focus on social media. We also try in the paper to include our reader in the exploration of the data. Rather than presenting static images, tables, graphs, and statistics, we put the onus on the reader to check our data … Continue reading Play with the data from Looted Heritage

3d Models & Augmented Reality

A longer post will follow with details, but I’m so pleased with the results I’m putting some stuff up right now. In my first year seminar class on digital antiquity which just ended, we’ve been experimenting with 123D Catch to make models of materials conserved at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (thanks Terry & Matt!). Our end of term project was to take these models, and think through ways of using them to open up the hidden museum to a wider public. We wondered if we could get these models onto people’s smartphones, as a kind of augmented reality (we … Continue reading 3d Models & Augmented Reality

Converting 2 mode networks with Multimodal plugin for Gephi

Scott Weingart drew my attention this morning to a new plugin for Gephi by Jaroslav Kuchar that converts multimodal networks to one mode networks. This plugin allows multimode networks projection. For example: you can project your bipartite (2-mode) graph to monopartite (one-mode) graph. The projection/transformation is based on the matrix multiplication approach and allows different types of transformations. Not only bipartite graphs. The limitation is matrix multiplication – large matrix multiplication takes time and memory. After some playing around, and some emails & tweets with Scott, we determined that it does not seem to work at the moment for directed … Continue reading Converting 2 mode networks with Multimodal plugin for Gephi