Animoto & teaching

I’m thinking of creating short video clips to introduce different modules & segments for my courses next fall. Animoto’s free offerings would seem to do the trick. I built the following, from odds and sods lying around my computer, as a trailer for one class, just to see how animoto works:

Pretty simple. Select your background. Upload your images. Select some music. Hey presto, you’re done.

Most of those images are public domain, though I can’t for the life of my find the source for the ‘Dark Morris‘ dancers (see the work of Terry Pratchett; I reference Discworld often in my lectures. Just can’t stop myself.) If it’s your image or you know where it comes from, I’d love to give proper attribution for it.

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  1. This, by the way, was my 500th post on Electric Archaeology. Cue the celebrations.

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