Animoto & teaching

I’m thinking of creating short video clips to introduce different modules & segments for my courses next fall. Animoto’s free offerings would seem to do the trick. I built the following, from odds and sods lying around my computer, as a trailer for one class, just to see how animoto works:

Pretty simple. Select your background. Upload your images. Select some music. Hey presto, you’re done.

Most of those images are public domain, though I can’t for the life of my find the source for the ‘Dark Morris‘ dancers (see the work of Terry Pratchett; I reference Discworld often in my lectures. Just can’t stop myself.) If it’s your image or you know where it comes from, I’d love to give proper attribution for it.



  1. This, by the way, was my 500th post on Electric Archaeology. Cue the celebrations.

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