The Archaeological Blogosphere

The archaeological blogosphere [zoomable pdf of image] is strangely beautiful. I generated this by scraping over 8000 pages from a Google Search of ‘Blogging Archaeology’. MiddleSavagery sits right there in the middle of the Green Zone. For more on this, and what it means, see my discussion tomorrow at the Society for American Archaeology’s general meeting.

If you’d like to play with the files and data I scraped send me a note.  You’ll need Gephi. To do your own crawling, you might try this.

Diameter: 8
Average Path Length: 3
Filter the network so that only nodes with > 30 connections appear, reduces the graph to ~1.5 % of the nodes, and 10% of all the connections
Leaves us with 4 communities, per modularity detection:

The archaeological blogosphere: green

The cloud: light blue (Google, Amazon, Youtube,)

Social Media: Purple (Facebook, Twitter; also online newspapers)

News aggregators: Red (

The unprocessed network is shown below:

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