When on Google Earth Closes on 100 rounds of identifying fun

# Host: Victor: Site: Period:
1 Shawn Graham Chuck Jones Takht-i Jamshid / Persepolis terrace, Iran Achaemenid period
2 Chuck Jones PDD Church of Saint Simeon at Qalat Siman, Syria 5th-6th c. CE
2.1 Chuck Jones Paul Zimmerman Qal’at al-Bahrain 16th c. CE
3 Paul Zimmerman Heather Baker Baraqish (Yathill), Yemen Minaean (1st millennium BCE)
4 Heather Baker Jason Ur Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan ca. 2600-1900 BCE
5 Jason Ur Dan Diffendale Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico 1st-5th centuries CE
6 Dan Diffendale Claire of Geevor Mine Segontium, Caernarfon, Wales 77ish to about 390 CE
7 Claire of Geevor Mine Ivan Cangemi Carn Euny, UK ca. 500 BCE-100 CE
8 Ivan Cangemi Southie Sham Monks Mound (Cahokia), IL, USA fl. 1050-1200
9 Southie Sham Dan Diffendale Gergovia, France fl. 1st c. BCE
10 Dan Diffendale Dorothy King Kastro Larissa/Argos, Greece ca. 1100 CE
11 Dorothy King Daniel Pett Utica, Tunisia C8th BCE– C2nd CE
12 Daniel Pett Neil Silberman Caesarea Maritima, Israel 1st century CE–Present
13 Neil Silberman Chuck Jones Graceland, Memphis, TN, USA 1939 CE–Present
14 Chuck Jones Aphaia Bam Citadel, Iran pre-C 6th BC–C19thCE
15 Aphaia Daniel Pett Myrina, Lemnos, Greece Classical Greek–present
16 Daniel Pett Paul Barford Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka 1st century BCE
17 Paul Barford Scott McDonough Rosetta (Rashid), Egypt Ptolemaic, Mamluk
18 Scott McDonough Lindsay Allen Ani, Turkey Medieval, C10th-14th CE
19 Lindsay Allen Heather in Vienna South Shields, England, UK Roman Imperial
20 Heather Scott McDonough Suomenlinna/Sveaborg fortress, Finland 1748-present
21 Scott McDonough Chuck Jones Derbent, Republic of Dagestan Sasanian-present
22 Chuck Jones Paul Barford Amphitheatre of Aquincum, Hungary Roman
23 Paul Barford Geoff Carter The Cursus, (Stonehenge) Wiltshire Neolithic
24 Geoff Carter Ferhan Sakal The Heuneburg, South Germany Iron Age
25 Ferhan Sakal Lindsay Allen Sura, Syria Roman
26 Lindsay Allen Andrea Kay Bannerman Castle, Hudson River, US C20th
27 Andrea Kay David Powell Taposiris Magna, Alexandria, Egypt C1st BCE
28 David Powell Billy Ross Abbey, Galway, Ireland Medieval
29 Billy Geoff Carter Great Zimbabwe, Africa C11th – 14th CE
30 Geoff Carter Heather Elsdon Castle, England C11th – 12th CE
31 Heather Geoff Carter Volubilis, Morocco Roman
32 Geoff Carter Paul Barford Su Nuraxi, Barumini, Sardinia C15th – 6th BCE
33 Paul Barford Ferhan Sakal Arkona, Germany Medieval
34 Ferhan Sakal Heather Arslantepe, Turkey Chalcolithic – Byzantine
35 Heather Ferhan Sakal Mahabodhi Temple Complex, India 3rd century B.C. – 6th CE
36 Ferhan Sakal Billy Borobudur, Buddhist shrine, Indonesia 9th century B.C. – 6th CE
37 Billy Ferhan Sakal Browns Island, New Zealand c. 13th century – 1820
38 Ferhan Sakal Andrea Kay Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn, Oman 3rd millennium B.C.
39 Andrea Kay Matt B. Serabit el-Khadim, Egypt 2nd millennium B.C.
40 Matt B. Andrea Kay Valsgärde grave field, Sweden Swedish Vendel /Iron Age
41 Andrea Kay Lindsay Allen Siwa oasis, Egypt fourth century B.C. -Roman
42 Lindsay Allen David Gill Castle of Pont Steffan, Wales, UK Medieval
43 David Gill Nigel Hay Castle, Wales, UK 12th century
44 Nigel Heather Olympos, Turkey Hellenistic – Roman
45 Heather Ferhan Sakal Carnuntum, Austria Roman
46 Ferhan Sakal Troels Myrup Knossos, Greece Bronze Age
47 Troels Myrup Alun Salt Aggersborg, Denmark Viking
48 Alun Salt Geoff Carter Marsala, Sicillia. Punic/Roman
49 Geoff Carter Matt B Springfield Lyons, UK LBA (/Saxon)
50 MattB Geoff Carter Kalkriese in Osnabrück, Germany Roman
51 Geoff Carter Ferhan Sakal Grimes Graves, Norfolk, UK Late neolithic
52 Ferhan Sakal Oliver Mack Heraqla, ar-rashid,syria Late C8 CE
53 Oliver Mack Matt B Welzheim, Germany Roman
54 Matt B Geoff Carter Birka, Sweden Viking
55 Geoff Carter Heather Nemrut Dagi, Turkey C1 bce
56 Heather Geoff Carter Choirokoitia, Cyprus. Neolithic
57 Geoff Carter Jaime Woodhenge, UK Late Neolithic
58 Jaime Geoff Carter Gorgora Nova, Ethiopia, C17th (CE).
59 Geoff Carter Nathan T.Elkins Firouabad, Iran C3rd CE
60 Nathan Elkins
Paul Barford Portus, Italy Roman
61 Paul Barford
Heather Delos, Greece Classical-Hellenistic Greek
62 Heather
Geoff Carter Gordion, Turkey 1500-700 BCE
63 Geoff Carter
CFeagans Vix, France 6th-5th C BCE
64 CFeagans
Alun Salt Newark Great Circle, OH 100 BCE
65 Alun Salt
Eloy Cano Agra, India 1556-1658
66 Eloy Cano
Troels Myrup Göbekli Tepe, Turkey 10-8th millennium BCE
67 Troels Myrup
Heather Kanhave canal, Samsø, Denmark 8th c. CE/Viking
68 Heather
Troels Myrup Butrint, Albania 10th c. BCE-18th c. CE
69 Troels Myrup
Paul Zimmerman Birketain, Jordan Roman
70 Paul Z. Oliver Mack Cueva de Menga/Viera, Spain 3rd mill BCE
71 Oliver Mack Heather Dur-Kurigalzu, Iraq 14th-12th c BCE
72 Heather Todd Bolen Hippos, Israel Roman-Byzantine
73 Todd Bolen Chris McKinney Yarmuth EB
74 Chris McKinney Mike Koeth Tafila/Busayra, Jordan Iron II Period (950-600 BC)
75 Mike Koeth Chuck Jones Hamadan, Iran middle of the first millennium, particularly Achaemend.
76 Chuck Jones Heather Tell Hadir in Syria, c. 24 km SSW of Aleppo Bronze Age tell, with remains of an early Islamic settlement around it that have been investigated recently by a team from U. of Chicago, the Sorbonne and the Syrian DGA.
77 Heather Chuck Jones Offa’s Dyke 8th c. protecting Mercia from Powys)
78 Chuck Jones J; J never posted a site Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, a UNESCO World Heritage site
79 Matt Declan Oldenburg Wall the centre of power for the Abodrite tribe in the Wagrian region 7th/8th century
80 Declan Brian Dolan Cahercommaun fort, Co. Clare about A.D. 800 – A.D. 1000
81 Brian Dolan Declan Kailash Temple, Ellora, Maharashtra, India 8th century by the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I.
82 Declan Mat B Nijō Castle in Kyoto, Japan Edo period/17th century.
83 Mat B SouthieSham Masada, first fortified between 31-37BC byHerod the Great. Held by the Sicarii and besieged by the Romans in 70 AD
84 SouthieSham Geoff Carter Greek /Roman city of Paestum in Italy Founded C7th bc and in use as a Roman city .
85.1 Geoff Carter Pojomum Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland: while site has earlier occupation, the Norman castle was built by Henry II remaining largely impregnable for four centuries until becoming one of the first castles to succumb to cannon fire during the Wars of the Roses. The forces of the Earl of Warwick pounded it to pieces in 1464. What remains today is the Norman Keep.
85.2 Geoff Carter posts 86
86 Troels Myrup Elephantine (incl the Temple of Khnum in the bottom half) Dyn. III through Late Antiquity
87 Troels Myrup Geoff Carter Roman temple at Niha Bekaa, Lebanon C2-3AD perhaps.
88 Geoff Carter Heather Los Millares, a Chalcolithic site near Almeria in Spain. a Chalcolithic site near Almeria in Spain.
89 Heather Geoff Carter Fortress of Al-Ukhaidir, Abbasid period palace built 774/5 ce
90 Geoff Carter Matt La Tène on Lac de Neuchâtel in Switzerland Iron Age (La Tène) votive site (probably) consisting of two bridges that were where the camping site is now
91 Matt Geoff Carter Mount Ipf, a hillfort near Bopfingen, Ostalbkreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg/Germany. LBA, [Urnfield Culture, and Iron age, [Hallstatt and La Tène Period] occupation; C12th – C1st BC ish
92.1 Geoff Carter Anonymous Dimini in Thessaly, Greece late neolithic
92.2 Geoff Carter Lee Citânia de Briteiros in north Portugal. Castro Culture; late Bronze/Iron Age.
93 Lee still in play

So we’re closing in fast to 100 rounds of When on Google Earth! Tell your friends: the casual archaeology game rocks!

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