Megan Smith and Pst! Tweeting in Physical Space

Megan Smith, an artist with an interest in the intersection of physical and virtual places, continues to do interesting things:

Pst! is the surreptitious beckoning of attention and the acronym for Physical Space Tweets. It is a small storyteller installed in public space giving an audience a glimpse into a geo-tagged community’s topic feed. For the Leeds Pavillion at Mediamatic’s Amsterdam Biennale 2009 Pst! chronicled life in Leeds through it’s twitter feed.

The piece locates a public social narrative by pulling an information feed from Twitter User profiles geographically aligned to Leeds with Twitter’s geocode API and then prints this information onto a mini LCD screen. By removing the peripheral of the computer a Pst! device can be placed in a non-space providing a window directly into a geo-located public space.

I can’t embed the Vimeo film into, so visit the Vimeo Page to see it in action. Megan’s work is mentioned in the Guardian’s Leeds edition; Megan blogs at

I could imagine installing one of these at say a heritage site, pulling all tweets that mention the site onto the display – or perhaps pulling the latest research on the site, to the site, for public consumption…. hmmm!



  1. Hi Megan,
    Hosted blogs on are stripped of embed codes, except in certain supported cases – but your blog is on its own domain, so that’s the difference :)

    What are your thoughts on Pst! in terms of historic places? Good idea, bad idea?

    1. Good idea, but it would have to be adapted a bit. I could format the code so that it searches for specific subjects or names. However, unless it was a very popular site it may not get much coverage. I have a Pontiac project in formation though based on the DoGoSee project. I’ll be in touch regarding this soon.

  2. […] census data onto the field of view of a person standing in that street, it would be AR. Similarly, a device projecting Twitter streams about a place or made in that locale onto a screen in that place, is also a kind of AR. A Terminator style helmet with heads up display […]

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