Voyager Xdrive

I’m interested in exploring augmented realities with iPhones & other smartphones etc. Of course, where I live, you can’t actually get cell phone reception and with this being Canada, the data rates are ridiculous.

Anyway, rant aside… there are neat possibilities opening up.  In an earlier post I mentioned the Wikitude World Browser, which grabs Wikipedia articles and overlays them on a ‘see-through’ type interface.

Lately, I’ve been made aware of another approach, the Voyager Xdrive. Essentially, this appears to be a hand-held guide to a historic location, with 3d reconstructions appearing at the appropriate point. My Italian is a bit rusty, and I always find it difficult when I can’t see the face of the person speaking but it seems to be quite an effective way of pulling archaeological VR off the desks of the archaeologists into the spaces where it should be understood.

website for Voyager

I really feel the digital divide living where I do, able to read about but never able to play with these technologies…

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