Some metadata: 100 000 page views

Last night, according to the stats thingy, Electric Archaeology crept over the 100,000 mark.  Woo hoo!

On this auspicious occassion, I offer up the following metadata:

432 posts

7 pages

63 categories

26 tags


Most Active (the past day)

A New Project: Enrico Crema’s PhD work 5 views

Game Mods 4 views

Review: The First Jesus? Expedition Week, National Geographic Channel, Friday November 20 9 pm 3 views

Agent Models 3 views

Cities & Centralities: A network approach to the archaeology of urban life 3 views

That’s a lot of output.  Would I have been better off writing a book instead? I’m currently reading Jaron Lanier’s ‘You are Not a Gadget‘, and it’s causing me to rethink some of this project. Am I merely a contributor to some ‘hive mind’? Am I in danger of becoming a techno-serf, offering up the fruits of my considerable investment in education, for free?

Time to pause and reflect…