versus The Twitter Times

I’ve run my twitter feed (electricarchaeo) to both and The Twitter Times. Of the two, I find more aesthetically pleasing (and it displays my own materials much more prominently) than Twitter Times; it also imposes a bit of order on the materials by classifying into broad categories. But it only updates once every 24 hours; Twitter Times is a bit quicker in that regard. It also displays materials based on how many of your ‘friends’ and ‘friends of friends’ have tweeted a particular item, and it displays the link back to that original item.

So a draw! Two different services for slightly different effects.

One thought on “ versus The Twitter Times

  1. I’ve also been comparing the two and in my opinion the wins hands down. I like newspaper feel to the layout, the way it separates content based on topic, and the video and photo content. Having my own stream on the side is an added bonus. It has really made me appreciate the list of followers that I have built up over the years and I feel like I get a lot more out of my Twitter account because of it.

    I’ve still kept my Twitter Times one though to get the best of both worlds.

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