3 Funded PhD spots for Heritage Remote Sensing

An interesting opportunity:

The DART project has advertised 3 funded PhD opportunities on their website: http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/dart in addition to jobs.ac.uk and FindAPhD
DART is a 3 year multidisciplinary research project looking at how to improve heritage remote sensing. It will do this be increasing the understanding of the dynamic interaction between soils, vegetation and archaeological residues and how these affect detection with sensing devices. This requires understanding how the archaeology differs from, and dynamically interacts with, the localised soils and vegetation and how these differences can be detected. Data fusion techniques will be utilised to determine the factors that lead to contrast detection, the impact these factors will have on the sensor spectrum and the nature of any contrast dynamics. This knowledge will be distilled into domain ontologies which will become the core reasoning framework for decision support tools. The 3 PhD studentships offer a fantastic opportunity to work on a multi-disciplinary project combining industry and governmental organisations and researchers from archaeology, soil science, remote sensing and computer science.
We would be grateful if you could pass these details over to students, colleagues or other relevant institutions and networks. A flyer is available which can be posted on your institutional noticeboard http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/dart/DART_Studentship_Flyer.pdf