The NetherNet Returns! Also, Hoovernotes

I was browsing the Jetpack for Learning Design competition on Mozilla, looking for interesting browser-based enhancements for my online teaching, I came across the following:

HooverNotes is a concept for a platform whose goal is to combine book-like annotations with collaborative processing. It shall be realized as a Firefox add-on integrated into the browser allowing to highlight, leave comments about and collect bits of important information related to a topic and several Web pages or a single Web page. These annotations shall take the form of text, hyperlinks, and multimedia content such as videos, images or maps. In this way, the actual Web content shall be augmented and enriched by the users – be it for learning or other purposes.

Annotations may be personal or shared with others, hence enabling knowledge exchange in a classroom setting.

Hoovernotes looks like it’ll be quite a useful little tool – more on that later in the week. It sparked a thought – it reminded me a bit of the NetherNet, ne Pmog. So I googled it, and lo! It’s back online:

GameLayers is very pleased to announce the return of The Nethernet! Now compatible Firefox browsers can play a lively game across the sites of the web. Will you encourage order or wage chaos? Install The Nethernet Firefox Toolbar Game to find the play hidden on the web around you.

The Nethernet was taken down from August to December 2009 while GameLayers worked to find a solid business model to support the game studio. We launched two Facebook games, Dictator Wars and Super Cute Zoo, which are not currently online. Many talented folks from GameLayers are now available, if you’re looking for hard-working people with online social game experience.

While The Nethernet was offline, the players formed a refugee community, and even built another browser game Nova Initia.

As of December 2009, GameLayers is hosting The Nethernet as a community-supported online game. Soon we will have a facility for donations to improve server speed.

Thank you to everyone for your support of GameLayers. We shall see what 2010 brings for The Nethernet!

My account was still active – I’m a level 8 seer, apparently. My mission that I created to experiment with this browser based game for learning still exists, and may be taken here. Yah! Although things don’t sound like they’re going overly well for GameLayers…


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