More on Vue

With Eric’s link, I think I might be able to make some headway on getting materials into VUE… in the meantime, I thought it might behoove me to start on something more straightforward. So I took the feed from Tom Elliott’s Maia Atlantis feed, to see what’d happen… and I think it might be useful for working out the links of our own little corner of the blogosphere. With a does of network analysis (VUE generates connectivity matrices) it should be able to figure out who are the keyplayers, and other implications for information flow. Hmm!

(I also ran the feed for this blog through it, and discovered just how awful my tagging/categories really are. Great big blocks of unconnected posts – the categories are the links – so I should really try to rationalize all that).

A similar idea – well, standard social network analysis – is being done using VUE with regard to the WWI Poets:

Stuart Lee from The First World War Poetry Digital Archive is using VUE to draw out relationships between poets covered in the archive. From his post at the World War One Literature google group:

What I have done, therefore, is take a preliminary stab at showing –
in a mind-map – the relationships between the poets we have
concentrated on in the project (or will be) and show how they might
have known each other, etc. By no means is this complete, but it
begins to show poets who were clearly at the centre of things
(Sassoon, Thomas, Graves, and eventually Owen) and those who were on
the periphery (Leighton, Jones, Brittain).

Check out the map he created:

See the VUE blog, and the original post