Playing History: Your Source for Historical Games

Just came across the ‘playing history‘ website which, interestingly, is powered by Omeka.

There is a wealth of resources here. Many are actually based in Canada. The Montreal Museum of Archaeology is one prominent developer of historical games based on Montreal’s history.

There are many ancient-themed games listed too.

A search on ‘Rome’ provides:

Death in Rome Death in Rome

You have until dawn to gather evidence and catch a killer…

Prepare a gladiator for battle in the arena of death…

Follow Adam Foster into a world of cults, corporate conspiracy and murder…

A search on ‘Greece’ turns up a game about building your own Parthenon. Given my own interests in the economics of ancient Roman construction (always a party favorite) I was intrigued by this:

but when I followed the link to the History Channel, it wasn’t there. As I explored the History Channel’s offerings, I found a game called ‘Hidden Spirits: Paranormal Investigation Halloween Game’. Note the photo of the ‘Royal Mangnall Hotel:

This is none other than our very own beloved Chateau Laurier!

(more on Chateaux in Ontario)

And finally, archaeologists & mysterious deaths go together like chips & gravy:

(info here.)

…some great ways to spend a snowy winter weekend… :)

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  1. I have been meaning to tell you about a new maths resource that is one of my new favourite links, Although the site is new, it has a lot to offer and new maths games are being added frequently.

    I have been using it in the classroom and for homework. A great teacher’s resource they have put together is a lesson plan guide:


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