Returning to Second Life

With my somewhat better internet connection, I can now once again explore in Second Life. It’s been roughly one year since I was last in there; I wonder what’s new, archaeology-wise? So, I went to and searched ‘archaeology’, and found:

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ROMA Archaeology

Interested in archaeology? Come dig in the interactive archaeological excavations
in the corner of the ROMA Transtiberim sim. Interested in archaeology?

Okapi Island (archaeology research, education, public outreach)

Team OKAPI and Berkeley archaeologists mirror the prehistoric village,
museum and archaeology in action at Catalhoyuk, Turkey.

The Second Life Center for Archaeology (SLCA) is being developed as an undergraduate
project at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK and focuses on the use

The Roma simulation of an excavation is really rather good. There are animations there that will soon have you troweling or shoveling away. This is very much an exhibit – there are explanatory panels giving some info on the various tasks and strategies of the archaeologist. There’s a bit of interactivity in some games that have you identifying which pot in the stratigraphy is likely oldest, that sort of thing. The graphics and objects are very well done – much better than my attempt at a virtual excavation from some time ago. However, my excavation wasn’t so much as an exhibit as an attempt to translate our metaphors in archaeology into manipulatives in Second Life. Which approach is better? Probably the wrong question to ask… (Incidentally, I tried using Jing to film myself wandering about the exhibit, but it didn’t work.

Okapi island still goes from strength to strength.

The only new one to me then that this search provided was SLCA.There were no explanatory panels or such like, but a couple of reconstructions. The Roman villa seemed nice…

I know the Portus people at Southampton have something going on, but clearly ‘search’ in Second Life still leaves something to be desired.

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