Twitter Times: The Electric Archaeology Edition

Inspired by Dan Cohen’s ‘Digital Humanities Now‘ implementation of Twitter Times, I’ve done the same thing with my own twitter feed, its lists, and everyone I follow.

Heard of Twitter Times?

Dan writes,

More recently, social media such as Twitter has provided a surprisingly good set of pointers toward worthy materials I should be reading or exploring. (And as happened with blogs five years ago, the critics are now dismissing Twitter as unscholarly, missing the filtering function it somehow generates among so many unfiltered tweets.) I follow as many digital humanists as I can on Twitter, and created a comprehensive list of people in digital humanities. (You can follow me @dancohen.)


Digital Humanities Now is a new web publication that is the experimental result of this thought. It aggregates thousands of tweets and the hundreds of articles and projects those tweets point to, and boils everything down to the most-discussed items, with commentary from Twitter. A slightly longer discussion of how the publication was created can be found on the DHN “About” page.

I’m following mostly folks in elearning, archaeology, and digital humanities; you can see my edition here.