Dynamic Modeling in a GIS Environment Autumn 2009

Courtesy of Andrew Crooks GIS and Agent Modelling blog , I learn today of a series of seminars exploring the latest in GIS & dynamic modelling, at the Global GIS Academy

Of particular interest (to me, at any rate) are the following:

October 28th

Ling Bian (Buffalo)
A dynamic social network model for disease transmission

The work in this presentation was sponsored by a health care agency and some of the results reported remain confidential until we have permission from that agency to make the presentation available.

See also: Bian, L. (2003) The representation of the environment in the context of individual-based modeling. Ecological Modelling, 159 (2-3): 279-296.

Bian L 2004 A conceptual framework for an individual-based spatially explicit epidemiological model. Environment and Planning B 31(3): 381-95. @ www.envplan.com/abstract.cgi?id=b2833

Bian, L., Liebner, D. (2004) A network model for dispersion of communicable diseases . Transactions in GIS , 11(2): 155-173. @ www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/118490206/issue

November 18th

Raja Sengupta (McGill)
What’s so spatial about Agent-Based Models?

Download PDF (3.1 Mb) of presentation

See also: Sengupta, R., and Bennett, D.A.(2003) Agent-based modeling environment for spatial decision support. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 17(1): 157-80

Sengupta, R., Sieber, R. (2007) Geospatial Agents, Agents Everywhere…. Transactions in GIS, 11(4): 483-506.

Derek Karessenberg (Utrecht)
Integrating spatio-temporal GIS data with spatio-temporal models.

Download PDF (1.3 Mb) of presentation HERE (ITEM 4)

See also: Karssenberg, D., Schmitz, O., de Vries, L.M., and de Jong, K (2008) A tool for construction of stochastic spatio-temporal models assimilated with observational data. 11th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science 2008, University of Girona, Spain. 7 pages