Theorizing Digital Archaeology

What does ‘digital archaeology’ or ‘digital humanities’ or ‘digital history’ actually mean?

Bill Caraher is giving it a stab; sounds like it’ll be a fascinating talk. I hope there’s a video:

[…]In particular, I am thinking about articulating the notion of digital workflow and its implications in my own archaeological research.By digital workflow, I mean the use of digital technologies across the entire range of archaeological procedures from pre-season planning, data collection in the field, and the dissemination of our results across multiple platforms for diverse audiences.  I like to imagine that our deep dependence on digital data and applications shaped not only how we approached historical and archaeological problems but also how we understood the results of our research and imagined the process of scholarly critique as well as pedagogical .  This is, in part, a response to the view of digital technology as merely a tool that scholars and teachers deploy in the ongoing search for truth rather than an “active” participant in the process of determining what truths are significant, knowable, and even imaginable within a particular academic discourse.



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  1. Shawn,

    Ok. Now I feel pressure! Thanks for the link and the encouragement. I can promise audio and text (in fact, I am obligated to provide a text for the library archives…) and I’ll work on video.


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