70 000 views

With the birth of my daughter in March, and my new job at about the same time, my blogging pace and output have diminished considerably. But, this morning, according to the wordpress stats thingy, Electric Archaeology broke 70,000 unique views.

[balloons, streamers, fireworks: hurrah!]

Some metadata then:

Top ten posts:

Civilization IV World Builder Manual 7,483
Game Mods 2,561
Moodle + WordPress = Online University 1,986
Historical GIS and various Google Earth 1,405
About Shawn Graham 1,397
History Channel – Roman Battle Game 1,340
Publications & Conferences 929
Language Switcher for WordPress 916
Agent Models 871
Angel versus Moodle 826

These ten posts do capture pretty much what this blog is about.

Top referrers (I’ve deleted some that are obviously private reader software:

stoa.org 273
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANGEL_Learning 212
emshort.wordpress.com 156
thepiratesrealm.com/Captain%20Kidd.ht… 125
Mediterraneanworld.typepad.com/the_ar… 109
middlesavagery.wordpress.com 108
edugamesblog.wordpress.com/2007/12/08… 99
netvibes.com 97
WordPress Dashboard 96
egyptology.blogspot.com 91

mediterraneanworld.typepad.com 77
ancientworldbloggers.blogspot.com 73

And finally, what does wordle have to say about this blog? Strangely – and sadly – I don’t see the word ‘archaeology’ anywhere, anymore…

Wordle: Electric Archaeology