Let’s write a textbook

I’ve been talking with the folks at Flatworld Knowledge about the kinds of textbooks they’re looking for, and it was suggested that a world history textbook might be just the ticket. These things are typically in two volumes – before and after 1500. Who wants to write a textbook? To my mind, writing another textbook that does the usual roundup of periods/cultures is not perhaps useful. As the Barenaked Ladies are wont to say, ‘It’s all been done before! ‘ A new medium of producing, distributing a textbook – a medium that allows for the content to be remixed by … Continue reading Let’s write a textbook

70 000 views

With the birth of my daughter in March, and my new job at about the same time, my blogging pace and output have diminished considerably. But, this morning, according to the wordpress stats thingy, Electric Archaeology broke 70,000 unique views. [balloons, streamers, fireworks: hurrah!] Some metadata then: Top ten posts: Civilization IV World Builder Manual 7,483 Game Mods 2,561 Moodle + WordPress = Online University 1,986 Historical GIS and various Google Earth 1,405 About Shawn Graham 1,397 History Channel – Roman Battle Game 1,340 Publications & Conferences 929 Language Switcher for WordPress 916 Agent Models 871 Angel versus Moodle 826 … Continue reading 70 000 views


NAACSOS – NORTH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTATIONAL SOCIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL SCIENCES 2009 NAACSOS Annual Conference October 23-24, 2009 http://www.asu.edu/clas/csdc/events/naacsos.html http://www.casos.cs.cmu.edu/naacsos/ CALL FOR PAPERS This year our NAACSOS Annual Conference will he held on 23-24 October in Tempe, Arizona. It will be hosted by The Center of Social Dynamics and Complexity at Arizona State University. Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity Tempe, AZ 85287-4804 http://www.asu.edu/clas/csdc/ Over the past decade simulating social processes has achieved some level of credibility — and yet progress in this area is stifled because of the lack of agreement on several critical core features. The objective of … Continue reading Conference Call for Papers: NORTH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTATIONAL SOCIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL SCIENCES

Masters and Doctoral Theses on Serious Games

A list maintained by Katrin Becker at SFU, ‘Serious Games Pathfinder‘: The following is a list of Master’s and Doctoral theses that have been completed that have to do with serious games (and in some cases more broadly with digital games). Doctoral Theses are marked in bold. You can get more info on each thesis by clicking on the associated ‘details’ link. Note: I am just starting to develop this list. So far, almost all the theses are Canadian ones. If anyone has a thesis they would like me to add, please let me know the following: Name, Title, Year, … Continue reading Masters and Doctoral Theses on Serious Games

The NetherNet No More

What happened? It’s all gone…. my missions, my data points, a truly innovative use of the web… disparu. The only notification I got was when a wandering group of internet refugees contacted me: Meanwhile I [dav2] am on a quest to find out why PMOG failed, and what can be done about it. PMOG was a fascinating idea to take the drive of gameplayers (videogamers) and channel all that energy into sifting the internet, doing productive reaserch. A core of disgruntled and hopeful former users can be found at http://tnnrefugees.ning.com/ A most useful post on the official gamelayers site: GameLayers … Continue reading The NetherNet No More

(some) Top Ten Tips for Online Instructors

I’ve been working as a ‘faculty specialist’ for a number of months now. That is, not only do I train new faculty on our systems, expectations, and how to facilitate online courses, I also serve as our online faculty’s first point of contact for any help they need in their courses. This can range from the merely technical to dealing with student or faculty conduct issues. In these last few months, I think I’ve probably dealt with over 500 unique issues, and have trained upwards of 100 new faculty. Phew! It’s been busy. I’ve ‘visited’ several different classrooms during that … Continue reading (some) Top Ten Tips for Online Instructors

The Ancient History Encyclopedia

Jan van der Crabben is a name you might be familiar with if you’ve played any of the mods or other community-built content for Civilization IV. Jan has a new project under way, called ‘The Ancient History Encyclopedia‘, and he’s looking for content and editors. And, in a lovely twist not often seen, he’s willing to pay contributors. His note is below: The goal is to become the number one source of information on ancient history — for students, academics, enthusiasts, and the general public alike. I believe that this is achievable due to our unique way of presenting information: … Continue reading The Ancient History Encyclopedia