Historical Maps, GIS, and Second Life

I’ve just come across a presentation (in three parts) given by David Rumsey, over a year ago. Worth a view!

“A talk given by David Rumsey at the March 6, 2008 launch of his historical map library and exhibition in the virtual world of Second Life. The talk was delivered at the Rumsey Map Islands in Second Life. All of the maps in the talk can also be seen and downloaded from Rumsey’s free online map library at www.davidrumsey.com

Part I

Part II

Part III

3 thoughts on “Historical Maps, GIS, and Second Life

  1. Rumpsy Maps is definitely worth a visit! Even worth getting your very first SL avatar for that! (And don’t worry, for those less fan of SL reading this: it’s not as scary as they say! And they won’t charge you if you do not want. Just always choose the ‘free’ option, and never give out your credit information.)

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