Social Networks and Ceramics

I don’t think I’ve written about this project yet, but it’s one that I think is very interesting and worth watching.

Tom writes,

I am currently working on an MSc dissertation, at the University of
Southampton, which aims at devising a critical method for applying
social network analysis to ceramic distributions. The inherent
structure of a complex dataset containing Roman table wares from the
Eastern Mediterranean will be analysed. But before we get to the
analysing stage we need to address some issues concerning the general
use of network analysis within an archaeological framework: what
networks are present in archaeological data? and how do we impose a network on
archaeological data? How do we define such networks? How do we avoid
uncritical assumptions when defining networks? How do we interpret the
results of an analysis of archaeological networks?  And how do we link
the results of a networks approach in with other approaches?
The project outline, dataset description and preliminary method are
available at:
This website also includes a blog which is open for project related or
archaeological network discussions. Feel free to have a look at the
site and start discussions, any feedback is more than welcome!

I’m sure Tom would love to hear from anybody doing similar work, or having similar research interests. Drop by his blog!