E-learning in Canada: Report

Because these things sometimes contain interesting nuggets:

State of E-Learning in Canada
May 21, 2009

CCL’s State of E-Learning in Canada was written to improve Canadians’ understanding of e-learning—particularly of its challenges, limitations and benefits—so that Canada may move forward in appropriate and relevant ways. […] Why should we care about e-learning?

E-learning can substantially increase our access to knowledge and information and, as studies suggest, improve access to education, formal and informal learning, and employment opportunities.

The proportion of courses delivered online in Canada is one of the highest among countries studied; however, research suggests that Canadian post-secondary institutions have been slower than those in many other countries to incorporate significant online components into their programs. Likewise, e-learning has not become a standard feature of employee training. Various surveys show that by 2005, the percentage of workplace training delivered online ranged from 15% to 20%

And the report itself:

News Release
E-Learning Profiles
Report (PDF, 779 KB)
Executive Summary (PDF, 95 KB)
Fact Sheet (PDF, 110 KB)

From the Canada Council on Learning website.