When on Google Earth: now in its 21st iteration

The 21st iteration of When on Google Earth has just been successfully won by Chuck Jones – again! The range of periods covered by the game has been quite catholic so far – everything from the modern day to the deepest past, demonstrating the range of interests in archaeology today.

To all of you who have hosted an iteration of the game, what kind of meta information is it generating? Who’s been visiting? How many? Who’s been linking to it?

Does this game have any impact in terms of public archaeology?

Below are my stats for the first post:
862 views total, 342 of those in 2009
4 on average per day in 2009

Hmm. My wordpress stat tools don’t really allow me to get the information I’m looking for.

A google search of “when on google earth” returns 3790 pages.

Full history of When On Google Earth:

Previous winners:

# Host: Victor: Site: Period:
1 Shawn Graham Chuck Jones Takht-i Jamshid / Persepolis terrace, Iran Achaemenid period
2 Chuck Jones PDD Church of Saint Simeon at Qalat Siman, Syria 5th-6th c. CE
2.1 Chuck Jones Paul Zimmerman Qal’at al-Bahrain 16th c. CE
3 Paul Zimmerman Heather Baker Baraqish (Yathill), Yemen Minaean
4 Heather Baker Jason Ur Mohenjo Daro, ca. 2600-1900 BCE
5 Jason Ur Dan Diffendale Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico 1st-5th centuries CE
6 Dan Diffendale Claire of Geevor Mine Segontium, Caernarfon, Wales 77ish to about 390 CE
7 Claire of Geevor Mine Ivan Cangemi Carn Euny ca. 500 BCE-100 CE
8 Ivan Cangemi Southie Sham Monks Mound (Cahokia), IL, USA fl. 1050-1200
9 Southie Sham Dan Diffendale Gergovia fl. 1st c. BCE
10 Dan Diffendale Dorothy King Kastro Larissa/Argos, Greece ca. 1100 CE
11 Dorothy King Daniel Pett Utica, Tunisia 8th century BCE–until 2nd Century CE
12 Daniel Pett Neil Silberman Caesarea Maritima, Israel 1st century CE–Present
13 Neil Silberman Chuck Jones Graceland, Memphis, TN, United States 1939 CE–Present
14 Chuck Jones Aphaia Bam Citadel, Iran pre-6th century BC–19th century CE
15 Aphaia Daniel Pett Myrina, Lemnos, Greece Classical Greek–present
16 Daniel Pett Paul Barford Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka 1st century BCE
17 Paul Barford Scott McDonough Rosetta (Rashid), Egypt Ptolemaic, Mamluk
18 Scott McDonough Lindsay Allen Ani, Turkey Medieval, 10th-14th centuries CE
19 Lindsay Allen Heather in Vienna South Shields, England, UK Roman Imperial
20 Heather in Vienna Scott McDonough Suomenlinna/Sveaborg fortress, Helsinki, Finland 1748-present