When on Google Earth?

Just came across a fun little game the geologists are playing (and here), called ‘Where on Google Earth?’ One person snaps a pic from Google Earth, and posts it, as follows:Where on Google Earth?

and calls it WoGE 155 (and tags the post similarly). The players have to identify the location and geology of the place in the photograph in a comment on the originating post, ie,

WoGE #154 focused on the GSSP type locality for the K/T boundary, located within the Haria formation of the northern Tunisian Atlas. I found it, so here we go again. Be the first to locate AND give relevant geological description of this spot [ie, the photograph above], and you’ll have the privilege to post the next WoGE. This is a free run, hope not to easy for the pros.”

The winning player then gets the right to post the next image.

I think this is fun. So in a similar vein, I propose When on Google Earth #1:

When on Google Earth? #1

When on Google Earth? #1

What are we looking at, and when was the major period of occupation? Leave responses in the comments; first right answer gets to host ‘When on Google Earth #2’! (no new car, alas…)



  1. I didn’t have a clue as to when that one was. Mind you I’m totally stuck on the next one too, so at least I’m consistent. :)

  2. […] Adrian Myers, in the latest edition of the SAA Archaeological Review (September 2010), details many of the projects that have used GE for visualization, paedegogy, locating and mapping sites, quantifying looting, and exploring change over time. My contribution to archaeology is not so obviously useful. In early 2009, I came across ‘Where on Google Earth?’, a game played by geologists (not to be confused with ‘Where on Google Earth?’, a game for geographers, which I only came across this morning. Keep your eyes peeled for Why on Google Earth and How on Google Earth coming soon no doubt). One geologist grabs a screenshot showing some geological formation, posts it on a blog, and the first person to guess the formation and location gets the right to host the next round of the game. This struck me as fun, and so I posted ‘When On Google Earth #1’. […]

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