ANGEL LMS @ U Manitoba

This term, we switched to Angel. Training was offered, but only to those in Manitoba; those of us who teach online, were left to sort things out for ourselves.

Right now, I have two major complaints – the length of time it takes for anything to load (seems to be very AJAX heavy, though I believe I’m right in thinking that that shouldn’t really be a problem), and the course discussion area tells me that  I have one unread post, but when I click on that, it tells me it can’t find it! I hate feeling like a newb.

Oh, ok, a third complaint – if I post resources into Angel, and then later decide to delete said resource, the navigation tree keeps the deleted resource, and I start to get caught in nested loops of pages. Just like, in fact, old websites that relied on frame-based navigation, where you could navigate to a second frame-based site, and then back again, and so on, and so on, diminishing each window as you went…

I hated WebCT; I’m having doubts about Angel. At least I knew what was going on with Moodle.