Complaints Department

I’ve occasionally complained about my students. I’ve done it while speaking to people, I’ve done it in private, and sometimes I’ve even written it down and put my name to it.

Turns out there’s a place where an academic can really vent, anonymously of course (wouldn’t want to jeopardize anything): ‘Rate Your Students‘. (The language on the blog can be quite…. colourful. You have been warned!)

A continuing thread on that blog is the ‘flakiness’ of students, but I particularly liked the one comment concerning conferences:

If you’re going to say ‘it’s not a question so much as a comment’ and then start giving your own presentation – I hate you. And if you F***** PULL OUT NOTES to read from, in which you detail how mistaken the presenter was, for not having recognized the significance of dwarves in Peru for their presentation on Imperial Russia, I will kill you one day. And everyone else in the room will thank me.

Isn’t that the truth! But let me tell you, as far as impromptu presentations go, you ain’t seen nothing ’til you’ve been to a Roman stamped brick conference….