PD(Q) Still a Good Idea

If you recall, there was a flurry of activity for a while at the opening of 2008, concerning the idea of an online, Lulu-printed version, of the best of the academic blogs concerning all things archaeological – PD(Q). It was a good idea then, and it’s still a good idea, but in the course of events, regular life intervened, and life caught up with the major push behind it all – the incomparable Alun. That’s no excuse though for the rest of us – me included! – who thought it was a great idea, and could have taken things forward – mea culpa.

So I am pleased this morning for Alun, to see that he’s got his thesis done, and is now ready for the viva. Well done! And Good Luck! Alun’s one of the best bloggers for things archaeological and academic on the web, and I look forward to his resurfacing after everything he’s gone through this year.